About Us

Ars Nova Musicians and their featured performers are masters in auditory arts, drawing upon decades of performance and dedication to their field. Many of the arrangements are selected in particular to highlight a specific performer or set of instruments, as voices of splendid beauty to ring clear amid the orchestra. We welcome you to attend one of our upcoming concerts, to enjoy their artistry of sound, and to bask in the inspired passion of our players.

ARS NOVA:  (Medieval Latin: “New Art”) A period of tremendous flowering of music in the late middle ages. The changes in style of music during this age were characterized by great freedom and variety of rhythm and melody contrasted with the strictness of the music of the 13th century. The innovations in this era had a marked effect on the sound of music because composers were better able to control the relative motion of several voices, and 14th-century music consequently sounds much less “medieval” to modern ears.

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