Buffalo Religious Arts.jpg - Buffalo Religious Arts.jpgBuffalo Choral Arts rehearse with Ars Nova at First Presbyterian Church.jpg - Buffalo Choral Arts rehearse with Ars Nova at First Presbyterian Church.jpgBuffalo Religious Arts Center.jpg - Buffalo Religious Arts Center.jpgHoly Angels Church.jpg - Holy Angels Church.jpgRehearsal at Holy Angels Church.jpg - Rehearsal at Holy Angels Church.jpgTemple Beth Zion stained glass window.jpg - Temple Beth Zion stained glass window.jpgHellenic Orthodox Church_6 2012 1.jpg - Hellenic Orthodox Church_6 2012 1.jpgDSC_3236.jpg - DSC_3236.jpgDSC_3246.jpg - DSC_3246.jpgDSC_3249.jpg - DSC_3249.jpgDSC_3598.jpg - DSC_3598.jpgDSC_4684.jpg - DSC_4684.jpgDSC_6602.jpg - DSC_6602.jpgDSC_6610.jpg - DSC_6610.jpgDSC_7046.jpg - DSC_7046.jpgDSC_7626.jpg - DSC_7626.jpg
We strive to match the beauty and splendor apparent in all our venues.

We hope our light and lively inspiration touches the souls of those present and past.


You are listening to Track 5 Three works for clarinet & string – Ecstasy – from Prisms of Sound CD by Ars Nova Musicians